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I saw a piece on the making of the movie Blues Brothers - apparently, when movies are made, the entire soundtrack is completely redone...

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+1 "I say a little prayer" has always held a particular place in my heart, along with the lady with whom I associate this song (the...

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Aretha gave many stellar performances as a Jazz, Soul and Gospel singer and it was as a Gospel singer that she gave her finest...
Bob the Builder

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My ND555 has been running for slightly more than a day now. Since it replaced the NDS, I felt that the sound was very uneven and lack...

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Re: 552
Never even considered active speakers. Next year was planning on upgrading to 555 from nds and to 500dr from 300dr. Maybe I will...

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Remember the the 140 will take sometime to come on song like a week or 2. keep turned on

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No surprise because minority may like a different presentation as opposed to strictly following the hierarchy whereby the 300 is...

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Re: Aretha
Interesting coincidence - Aretha, the “Queen of Soul” dies on the same day as Elvis, the “King of Rock” (16th of August, 1977).

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Re: Aretha
In my mind, Aretha will never dye. RIP.

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Terry, I’m just enjoying the music too much to be bothering with this type of question. It’ll be months, or maybe years, before this...

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My 32.5 sits above and to the left of the 250.2DR, isolated by one standard layer of Fraim. Sounds fine.

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That’s great... as long as you understand the limitations, it might well be the right solution for you.. where perhaps reach as opposed...

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Re: 552
Congrats Tony. The 552 was the all-time best bit of Naim kit I ever bought. At the time, I too had a NAP300 but later changed that to a...

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Thanks - plenty of food for thought - a bigger room is unlikely in short term. Room reConfiguration and layout more likely...

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It would be more obvious if the menu option in the app was greyed out rather than removed completely.

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Very pleased with my NAC152XS, all the more so when it has both outputs of my FCXS on it. I'm not quite sure how that helps you though...

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A lovely combination Sister. We have a DAC-V1 and NAP140 next to each other, barely 2cm apart, which is nigh on blasphemous yet sounds...
Foot tapper

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Clunky is an urban dictionary type description frequently used in relation to software to describe old tech, slow, not as smooth/easy as...

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We have to always be honest, more Hifi system will make sound Diana fantastic...., but I anyhow didn’t buy based on demo, but based on...
Bert Schurink

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Then I also rather like this album cover - Led Zeppelin, Presence. Just what is the object? What is it meant to represent? Is it...
Clive B

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I'm rather surprised no one has yet chosen this album cover from Led Zeppelin's untitled fourth album. The image is the remaining wall...
Clive B

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Ah got it now Dave it is in the app settings not the ND555 itself. Thanks for your help.

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Bert, it was whilst listening to some Diana Krall during my home demo of the ND555 last weekend that finally convinced me to purchase...

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Just back from a short holiday in Germany, the highlight of which was a visit to Bayreuth for the Wagner festival, I had finally managed...

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Thanks Adrian. I was going to switch to QNAP so I would have the choice between Minimserver and Asset (because Synology doesn't or...

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Keep sharing Bert - I am really looking forward to get the Nd555 soon. Br Lars

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Hi Simon, i am not having problems at all. I have 300/60mbit and 3 hubs. Without wifi priority, an iphone easily gets 80-90mbit, and nds...

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Re: 552
Yes - while honestly you Leo quickly get used to the new standard. Didn’t find the burn in so far that bumpy. But still expect the sound...
Bert Schurink

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The NDS remote does control volume on the preamp by IR. Curiously, I'm sure NDS remote and the plastic remote for the 552 do not control...
Clive B