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August 17


Kent, England


Family, music of all kinds, playing the guitar (I have a beautiful (modern) Stratocaster and Telecaster and wonderful Taylor and Blueridge acoustics - I like to pretend I am Mark Knopfler!!), cycling, holidays and cooking.


First ever system (1980) was a Thorens 160BC II, SME IIIs and Ortofon VMS20E through a Sansui 217 II and Mission 710 speakers. Purchased it all at Billy Vee's in Lewisham. Loved it. Many years later I spent out on an Audiolab 8000 amp - wow what a difference. Next purchase was the first Philips Bitstream CD Player - really pleased with it. All quiet for a few years until the 8000 transformer needed a repair. By then Audiolab were TAG McLaren and they had a special deal on unsold pre and power amps - so I bought a pre and two powers. System sounded great. Next upgrade was Cyrus CD player and Power Supply (how exotic!) and some B&W P4 speakers. System sounded even (much) better. Also purchased a Roksan tuner in a sale a year or so later. Then in 2008 I went for the Naim system I had always fancied - CDX2/XPS2/282/HiCap/200/Stageline/Headline/PMC Gb1i's. In 2010 I picked up a Roksan Xerxes deck. All quiet for 3 years or so - then progressive upgrades to get to where I am now - CDX2/XPS2-DR/252/SuperCap-DR/250.2. Final bit of the jigsaw were some KEF REf 1's in 2016 and the purchase of 3 PowerLines. House extension also gave me the opportunity to put in a dedicated spur at the same time (though it did not cure the transformer buzz generated by SWMBO's hair dryer - what do you have to do!). Speakers now run in (they needed 6 months) and really happy with the system and will not go any further except possibly a Naim Streamer if Squeezebox expires (physically or software wise).

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CDX2/XPS2-DR/NAC252/SC-DR/NAP250-DR/KEF Reference 1/Headline/Stageline/Roksan Xerxes 10/Origin Live Arm/Goldring 1042/DacMagic+SqueezeBox for Streaming