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First hifi (1979-ish): Rega 3, Nad 3020, AR18LS (modified by the dealer), Aurex PCS-60AD cassette deck. 

Then bought an afro LP12, LVV... can't remember the cartridge but was a mm...

Then a Ittok/Asak and Naim 12s (secondhand from a fella from Hifi Answers), Snaps and 110, still with the AR18LS... then Valhalla.

Then sold the lot to go travelling (1983).

Then a black LP12, Ekos, Troika, LK1/LK2, SD Acoustics SD1s.... Then upgraded LK2 to LK280 and then rosewood Isobariks....

...then happy for quite a few years...

Then sold the 'briks and took the Kans in px....

Finally sold the LP12/Ekos/Troika...

Then kids, iTunes and iPod...

Now Atom and Iotas....

Plan to upgrade when I move house in about a year... always regret not buying a 250, so that's on the list...




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Atom + Iotas Also have Kans and LK1/280.

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Pictures of things valued by Atom/Iota/Kan Stands.