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A list of all Naim products owned. - Uniti Atom - NAC 282 - NAP 250 DR - XPS2 DR - NDX - HiCap DR - NAPSC Whether the product is connected wired or wirelessly to your network. Connection: Wired. Sometimes tested wirelessly A list of any non-Naim products connected to a Naim product or generally used for a similar purpose. Speakers: Audiovector SR1 Avantgarde and Audiovector SR3 Avantgarde Arreté Power: Ansuz Mainz X8-TC Speaker C /ables: Chord Epic Reference Power Cables: Chord Signature Which app beta platform you wish to be subscribed to (iOS or Android). iOS What wireless router(s) and other network devices you are using, for example wireless extenders or powerline adapters. Apple Airport Extreme 802.11 AC Make, model and operating system version of all devices where you run the Naim app. iPhone 6 always with the latest iOS version iPad Air2 always with the latest iOS version