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My first foray into the HiFi ownership arena was when I purchased a Nad 3020 amplifier and used a Rega Planar 3 turntable to play the albums, and was fed to a set of Mission 770 freedom speakers.this would be some 28 years ago

The result of the pleasurable listening sessions with Naim, was when I bought a 32 / Hi-cap / 110 system in the chrome bumber range. I supplemented this with the supply of a Linn LP12 with an Ittok arm and Asak cartridge, and retained the mission speakers, which I loved for their great bass effect with the Naim system. This would be around 1996

Sold all the HiFi as new children in the family, and fear of getting it damaged

In recent years my father had decided to downsize his home and as a result had to give up much of his cherished goods, and his gift to me was the handover of his quad 33/303 system complete with the original spendor BC1 speakers. Having received them it lifted my interest in moving back to great HiFi again. I sadly sold on the quad and spendor system for same reasons as stated before, but then started back in the Naim territory.

My return to Naim was with the purchase of the NAC 122x / NAP 150x / CD5i. This purchase would be in 2008

As one might expect, the desire for more was immediate and I then started my plan to grow the system. My present system is a NAC202 / NAP 150x / HDX 1Tb / 555ps / Napsc / Flatcap 2 and speakers are the Focal electra 1007 BE. I am using a 18Tb NAS server to store all my music which is presently around 10,000 albums.

Update (Nov 2012) is the purchase of new 555DR and replacing the flatcap2 with a supercap2

Update ( june 2013) is the purchase of a manticore mantra turntable to revisit the black stuff

Update (sept 2013) is the purchase of a unitiqute2 for streaming to second room


Update december 2013. new purchase of NAP500 and NAC 552, plus 3 new fraim shelves to split into brawn and brain stacks. Pair of Neat iota speakers added to qute2

update dec 2014- added new mu-so to use as 3rd system

Update dec 2015- added a chord sarum super aray interconnect between HDX and 552

Update april 2016- added 2 muso Qb units to the house.

updat Nov 2016- sold qute2 and ordered uniti atom and core

update 2017 - sold all Fraim system. Sold 555DR

System Details

HDX, NAC552, NAP 500, Focal Electra 1007Be, 5 x powerlines, manticore mantra turntable, atom and core, muso and 3 x muso Qb, Neat iota speakers

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