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February 14


Seattle on Fault


I enjoy riding my bicycle the 7 miles each way to work and back when weather permits. I'm lucky to have a nice bike path for about half of the trip and side streets for the rest.  Plus: music, my three boys, my wife, photography, food, etc.  


Came to this profession after helping my girlfriend (now wife) buy her first stereo (CD3, Nait2, ES11) as the helpful boyfriend. Her system schooled me and my Denon, H/K, Dahlquist system and I was hooked. I worked at the shop she bought it from for 5 years before setting out to open my own shop. Tune is the name I gave it and Hi-Fi for Humans is the byline.

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Rega RP6 in Gloss Green, Elys2, CD3, Nait2, Naca5, nSats, nat101 at home. HDX/DAC/555PS, 252, 300, S-600 Ovator plus most of the rest of it at the shop.

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