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Suffolk UK


Music, Tai Chi, Birds and Garden, Walking, Esoteric things...


R&D Engineering and Science background - presently enjoying early retirement,

System is ND555 (with dual 555PS DR)' fed via Ethernet cheap cable (preferred over more expensive) from Melco N1Zh-2 (6TB) Music Server, Statement S1 Preamp, Snaxo 362 Supercap, 3x500 DR, all on dedicated mains ring (with care taken over plug-in order - it matters) and Fraimed (4 stacks with 555 Head on one fraim alone, then a PS stacks 555PS(Dig)/555PS(Analogue at bottom) then Statement S1 Pre, then 3x500PS/Supercap (at top), then SNAXO and 3x 500 DR Heads), 8xPowerlined - then 6x7m lengths of wonderful Super Lumina into the beautiful Active Ovator S800 (carefully set-up to deliver their capability).

I'm keen to get the best possible performance out of the installation - and have developed an open mind to what works and does not - I have also managed (for me) to redeem CD-format performance to something very special. Streaming has finally made my cut of quality Source with the ND555, which replaced my trusty CD555 and brings new musical insights to explore.
Also have Linn Ekos Archive Lingo - used very rarely (needs a good service - or may let it go).

Also have AV2, CB250, Old160 for AV room system.

Started with Dual 502/Ortofon, A&R A60, home-built Warfdale speakers. First serious system was LP12, Syrinx, various cartridges, NAC12S, SNAPS, NAC160, DMS Isobariks

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