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Suffolk UK


Music, Tai Chi, Birds and Garden, Walking, Esoteric things...


R&D Engineering and Science background - presently enjoying early retirement,


System is CD555 (with dual 555PS DR), Statement S1 Preamp, Snaxo 362 Supercap, 3x500 DR, all on dedicated mains ring (with care taken over plug-in order - it matters) and Fraimed (4 stacks with 555 Head on one fraim alone, then a PS stacks 555PS(Dig)/555PS(Analogue at bottom) then Statement S1 Pre, then 3x500PS/Supercap (at top), then SNAXO and 3x 500 DR Heads), 8xPowerlined - then 6x7m lengths of wonderful Super Lumina into the beautiful Active Ovator S800 (carefully set-up to deliver their capability).

I'm keen to get the best possible performance out of the installation - and have developed an open mind to what works and does not - I have also managed (for me) to redeem CD performance to something very special. Keeping an eye and ear on Streaming sources for future.
Also have Linn Ekos Archive Lingo - used very rarely (needs a good service - or may let it go).

Also have AV2, CB250, Old160 for AV room system.

Started with Dual 502/Ortofon, A&R A60, home-built Warfdale speakers. First serious system was LP12, Syrinx, various cartridges, NAC12S, SNAPS, NAC160, DMS Isobariks

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