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Stony Stratford, ENG


Music, Technology especially electronics, DIY, Gardening, Photography including Video, Fine wines, Annual game of golf...


Bought my first amp aged 17 - Sansui something or other... played 80's vinyls on cheap turntable, but was hooked on hifi...Got serious in my 30's with Exposure amps, Arcam CD with Blackbox 5 DAC. Then upgraded amps to Naim NAP 90/3, NAC 92, with a pair of Linn Keilidh's. Changed to Naim CD5, with a NAC112, NAP150. In 2007 became a distributed audio fan, ripped all my CDs onto lossless FLAC and bought a Slim Devices Transporter. Changed speakers to Monitor Audio Silver RS6s. Several Naim upgrades since - Now enjoying NDS, 555PS DR, NAC552, 552PS DR, NAP300 DR, Focal Scala Utopia v2 in Hot Chocolate, with the full loom SL cables. dave dot burke at dsl dot pipex dot com

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