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Stony Stratford, ENG


Music, Technology especially electronics, DIY, Gardening, Photography including Video, Fine wines, Annual game of golf...


Bought my first amp aged 17 - Sansui something or other... played 80's vinyls on cheap turntable, but was hooked on hifi...Got serious in my 30's with Exposure amps, Arcam CD with Blackbox 5 DAC. Then upgraded amps to Naim NAP 90/3, NAC 92, with a pair of Linn Keilidh's. Changed to Naim CD5, with a NAC112, NAP150. In 2007 became a distributed audio fan, ripped all my CDs onto lossless FLAC and bought a Slim Devices Transporter. Changed speakers to Monitor Audio Silver RS6s. Several Naim upgrades since - Now enjoying ND555, 555PS DR, NAC552, 552PS DR, NAP300 DR, Focal Scala Utopia v2 in Hot Chocolate, with the full loom SL cables.

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