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January 3


Not much to tell.  I'm a 56 year old ENT surgeon in the Vancouver area.  I love music and in particular Naim Gear.

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272, 250DR, Core, Chord Dave, Burmester B10 speakers, Siltech Ruby Mountain II power cable (250DR), 3 Powerlines (Core, 272 & Dave), Super Lumina DIN to XLR cable (272 to 250DR), Siltech Golden Eagle Digital Cable with BNC terminations (Core to 272), Crystal Cable Reference speaker cables, Focal Utopia Headphones, AudioQuest optical cable between 272 and an A&K SP-1000 DAP, AudioQuest Diamond USB cable between my iMac & Dave, Thixar Silent Feet (between the 250DR & 272), Furutech power distributor running to the wall with an Odin power cable. For my main system, I use an EMM Labs CD/SACD player, Burmester 082 integrated amp, and Proac Response D80 speakers, with numerous Valhalla and Crystal Cable interconnects.

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