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October 5


system details

main system (living room)


  • Analogue: Clearaudio Performance DC + Magnify tonearm + Da Vinci MC cartridge
  • Digital: NDX + XP5PS digital source with Musical Fidelity CD1T transport into NDX as DAC for the (occasional) CD spin
  • QNAP TS-212P running Asset and minim server 



  • Einstein "little big phono" stage
  • Ypsilon Phaethon integrated 
  • Symphonic Line RG14 Edition (parked for now)



  • Audio Physic Virgo 25+


Power Distibution 

  • Nordost Qb8 power strip and Qx4



  • power cords: Nordost Tyr 2 (wall to Qx4 & Qb8 to amp), Odin (Qx4 to Qb8 power strip), Brahma (on phono stage), Frey 2 (on NDX), Heimdal 2 (on headphone amp) 
  • interconnects: Nordost Tyr (phono to amp) and Frey2 (NDX to amp)
  • speaker cables: Nordost Frey2 


office system

  • source: SOtM SMS-200 ethernet to USB bridge in DLNA mode, also running its own minim server from attached USB disk
  • Audio-GD NFB-15 USB DAC
  • Dynavox VR-307BT integrated amp
  • System Audio 705 bookshelf speakers
  • Nordost flatline speaker cables



A physicist by training (B.Sc. back home and Ph.D. in the U.S.); worked as a researcher for a few years in Canada, the Netherlands and Australia. Since 1998 working for a major European applications software company, the last 10 years in various regional management positions. Most of the time on a plane and when not doing so trying to listen to good music at home. Married, one daughter (age 14). Still working on my set up. 

Email: poulisgr at gmaildotcom 


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