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December 11


Started with Naim with a CB Nait between a Trio KD1033B TT and Wharfedale Shelton XP2 in early 1985, the  Nait rapidly showed the source up, and later in the year a Roksan Xerxes, RB300 and Linn K9 arrived.

The speakers were replaced by Epos ES14s, and a run of upgrades through the olive range took place, 62 140 replaced the Nait, 72 replaced the 62, Hicap powered the 72, 140 was replaced by 135s (2nd hand 1984 models recased to olive at the  factory before I got them), 72 was replaced  by 82 to leave the amps I had until April 2018. I decided that I’d give the amp a present after 25 years untouched, so an Olive Supercap was procured from EBay to replace the Hicap. In November 2018 the 82, after 25 years of great musical enjoyment, was replaced by a 2001 vintage NAC 52.

The Roksan got an Artemiz and Shiraz, then an Artaxerxes head amp. Then the Xerxes was replaced by a TMS, leaving the TT I still have, although it was rebuilt by Touraj in about 2009 to as close to TMS3 spec as possible, and he upgraded the PSU to a DS1.5 and rewired the Artemiz to current spec.

Digits arrived when I couldn’t get most of the music I wanted on vinyl, I bought a Micromega Solo after a lot of listening, got it home, couldn’t handle the high end and went straight back and got the Trio. 

Living in a flat in London until 2008,headphones were important, so the 82 record out fed a pairof Stax Lambda Pro powered by an SRDX Pro. Having swapped the flat for a detached house in Yorkshire, the cans get little to no use.

That system, TMS, Trio, 82/Hicap135s ES14 (about as monkfish as you could get at the time) lasted me 13 or 14 years, until a lightning strike took out one of the ES14s, struggling to find speakers which performed like the ES14s I went for a different presentation and B&W 804s arrived.

In 2014 the Trio sadly died, and I could no longer find anyone who could repair it. Circumstances meant I was rarely at home to listen to the system, so I bought a CD5X to spin my discs as a stopgap.

I had the cartridge modded in 2013 by Northwest Analogue with a ruby cantilever and a Fritz Gyger Signature tip.

Ripped music arrived with a HDX, which did a good job of ripping my collection and played it well. A Qb arrived as a bedroom system, I liked it so much I added one for the kitchen and one for the upstairs lounge. Then I found I was using Tidal when friends and family came round to give them their choice of music, which involved moving a Qb into the lounge, so added an NDX. With the NDX bedded in, I then sold off the HDX and CD5X. 

The Qb in the upstairs lounge was replaced in October 2017 with a Nova into PMC 25.23s, 

Primary system - Roksan TMS/Artemiz/Shiraz (Northwest Analogue modified with ruby cantilever and Gyger styus)/Artaxerxes/DS1.5 and Naim NDX sources, into Naim 52/Supercap/2*135, NAC A4 (!) B&W 804s.

Second system - Naim Uniti Nova, NAC A5, PMC Twenty5.23

Multiroom - 3 Naim Muso QBs, kitchen, bedroom, landing 

Headphones Stax Lambda Pro SRD-X Pro.

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