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I'm currently based in Kawasaki, married with two kids.

Started working in hifi retail in the Cotswolds region full and part-time on and off for 6 years until midway through university mainly dealing with Naim, Linn, Quad and Arcam. I may have even sold some forum members any gear they bought bought from the mid 90's to 2001.

In tandem, ran my own business in the UK providing graphic and web design services to vendors and manufacturers in the hi-fi and related trades, transitioning to application development. But this business never survived (sadly) my emigration to the far East. Made ends meet as a packaging designer in Okayama for a Japanese maker of computer and office peripherals for a year after I found it difficult to continue my own business.

Spent several years as a cheif web design and localisation specialist working in Japanese mass media in Tokyo before tranisitioning to a role as a web application programmer and architect in Sapporo, working to provide end-to-end infrastructure design, content management, and user experience design for a multitude of skunk works type stealth projects (no budget - big ideas) ranging from educational software, social networking, voice analysis and threat detection and IVR protocols - the latter of which I worked extensively on the development of a new lightwight protocol to ease integration of high latency hetrogenious low processing power systems to bridge IVR control with various web applications.

Had a decade spent in the IT side of the financial services sector in Tokyo and Hong Kong, most of this at the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) working to provide technical support for SWIFT's network, protocols, and messaging applications to institutions across Asia Pacific and internally by developing a full suite of testing and reporting tools for analysing complex technical issues and building prototyped bulk financial test data for load testing of customer hardware and of SWIFTNet itself using current future messaging standards with support for stress testing the growing demands of sanctions screening of transactions. Protocols developed earlier in my career made their way into standard use for these internal systems. I was also a consultant for the Japan Central Securities Depository Centre during their roll out of SWIFT XML standards and was the service manager for the Bank of Korea.

This was followed by a brief stint with SunGard Financial Solutions doing a similar support/development role in the field of asset finance based in Tokyo but mainly responsible for clients in Singapore.

I've since moved on to more technical pastures and am currently a principal technical support engineer at Delphix, specialising in support for our database and storage virtualisation appliance. I love what I do.

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Main System: Quadraspire Q4, HeadLine2/HCdr > Sennheiser HD800, NDX/XPSdr (HiLine+PowerLine)> NAC282/SCdr (WitchHat Hatpin+PowerLine)> NAP250dr (PowerLine+Atlas Hyper 2.0)> PMC Twenty5.23, Furutech Empire mains lead into Furutech e-TP66 distribution block. Office system: Quadraspire QPlus Evo feet, UQ2 (PowerLine+Atlas Equator 2.0)> Qacoustics 3010. AV System: Quadraspire Q4d, Denon DBT-3313UD > Denon AVR-X4000 > Bose AM10-IV

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