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somewhere in France


naim SME ear apertura

modern jazz, soul, funk(70's). cinema, buddhism, tennis, music, hifi, trecking, fine food...



i lived 8 years in Poland and now living in France since more than 40 years. My main studies are psychology pathology and philosophy . I am working with teenagers in public school...

biography of my system evolution: amps: denon integrated/ rega  mira/ naim 112-150/ 202/200-hicap/ 282-200-hicap/ 252/250.2, ear yoshino 912-nap 250.2, and ear 912-nap 300 dr.

speakers:  focal entry level speakers, then avant scene , and now apertura altra speakers.

room:  18m2 .

cd players: denon/ rega jupiter/ naim cd5/ audiomeca mephisto 2x/ naim cd5x-hicap/ cdx2-xps2/ and today nds-555 dr-unitserve uptone audio js2.

turntables: technics mk2/ rega p3/ rega p25/ rega p9/ and today sme20-sme 5- kiseki blue ns. Recently i sold my sme turntable and have now a rega rp10 with lyra delos cart.  I wanted to have a « simplier «  turntable and with less bass and body in the sound. 

cables/ rack/ other :  apertura tiny 2X6 m speakers cables, chord signature tuned array interconnects, kharma matrix power cables, finite elemente cerabases and cerapucks, naim fraimlite, nos telefunken 6dj8 tubes in the ear 912,  eat tubes dampers.  optical bridge with 2 fmc netgear converters with hdplex linear ps and uptone audio js2 linear ps.   audioquest vodka and diamond ( last link) lan cables.  mpc mélodie power block.

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nds/555dr/unitserve -uptone js2/ear 912 preamp -nap 300dr/ fmc - audioquest vodka/meicord/ hdplex and js2 on fmc / sme20/sme5 turntable /kiseki blue ns/ chord signature tuned array cables, kharma power cables, naim fraimlite on finite elemente cerapucks. speakers on finite elemente cerabases

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