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August 10


I enjoy music, gardening, bird watching and looking after our small menagerie of animals.


Recently retired from the motor industry in the U.K after 35 years, and a thoroughly enjoyable time. Spent a few years in Detroit and enjoyed the wonderful outdoor activities from fishing to snow mobiles, so much space to enjoy.

At the time I had a cds1, nac82, hicap, and 250,s driving active SBLs and these were shipped to Detroit and back. After this I got promoted a few times and spent less time listening, ending up with a house renovation leaving the naim system in boxes. Finally ended up selling after several years in boxes, which I now regret.

So now retired I found I missed my music, so bought a Muso which we are delighted with...........however now I seem to have caught the Naim contagion. I could have bought a cheaper ripper like cocktail audio or innuos, but ended up with a core. Now looking at an Atom or a Nova for the living room plus speakers Part of the fun is in the hunt or selection of what to demo and eventually buy?



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ND555/555PS dr, 252/supercap dr, NAP 3000DR,driving PMC 25.26 in approx 20 x 18 foot room. I use a Uniti Core as my music source. I previously used a Naim Muso, which my daughter now uses in her bedroom/study. Main system uses NACA5, and Melco ethernet and a 8 port metal cased TP link gigabit switch into a Virginmedia 2.0 hub at 100mb. Fraim 2 bases, 4 shelves

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