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New Technologies, Cars, Driving, Music, Films, Travel.... and food!  Why Bender the robot for my Avatar?  Well, Futurama is one of my favourite TV series, and the guy has real attitude!


April 2012

  • Brand new system in newly dedicated music room; NDX, SuperNait, B&W 804D, NAC A5 speaker cable, HiLine interconnect and two levels of FraimLite.

June 2012

  • Upgrade of NDX and SuperNait mains leads to PowerLines.

September 2012

  • Addition of separate mains consumer unit (from Henley Block off Meter)  with 4 radial circuits using 10mm2 cable, each to a double unswitched MK 13A Socket.
  • Upgrade of system to include XPS DR (for NDX), HiCap 2 DR (for SuperNait), one additional PowerLine and two additional FraimeLite levels.
  • Purchase of UnitiServe and all music successfully re-ripped as WAV.

October 2012

  • Dedicated Cat5e ethernet cabling fitted throughout house with Netgear Prosafe Plus GS116E switch in the loft.  No more Ethernet-over-mains!
  • Considering NDS/555 DR to replace the NDX/XPS DR. Will be auditioning early November at home.  The considering 552/300 to replace the SN, but this will have to wait a while.

November 2012

  • Following auditions, upgraded system ordered.  NDS/555 DR/NAC252/SuperCap DR/NAP300.  B&W 804Ds remain.  Part exchanged my NDX/XPS DR and SuperNait/HiCap DR.  NAC252 is dealer's ex-demo unit, and remaining units are all new.  New system to be build on two Fraimlite stacks ('Brain and Brawn'), so additional base and level also ordered.  Looking forward to new system install.......

December 2012

  • New system installed 2nd December and running in nicely.  Loved the sound from my SuperNait + NDX, however wow, what a difference this system makes.

December 2013

  • Replaced all Cat 6 leads (e.g. linking NAS, UnitiServe and NDS)  with Chord Stream internet leads.  Subtle but definite all round improvement to music quality.

January 2014

  • New NAC-552 DR installed, replacing NAC-252.
  • 2nd Synology NAS installed (DS214Play with 4Tb WD Red discs).

March 2014

  • 2nd 555PS ordered for NDS
  • NAP-500 ordered

April 2014

  • 2nd 555PS installed on NDS

July 2014

  • NAP-500 due to be delivered and installed (It's taken >3 months to be built due to Naim having backlog of delivery of the NAP-500 heatsinks)
  • Quest for upgrade to B&W802Ds or Kudos Titans begins.........

August 2014

  • NAP-500 installed

September 2014

  • VEE 1 Fully Regulated Linear Power supply for Naim Unitiserve fitted (ex Billy Vee Sound Systems).  Definite improvement in sound quality!

December 2015

  • Full Super Lumina loom added (din to din interconnect, din to xlr on amp, 5M speaker cable).
  • DR upgrade of NAP-500 at factory booked for 2016.
  • Audition of B&W 803D3 scheduled for late Dec 2015. If successful, will audition at home with view to replacing B&W 804D2s.
  • Considering moving whole rig from the upstairs music room to the living room.

February 2016

  • Auditioned B&W 803D3 and B&W 802D3 at dealers.  Compared to my 804D2, these sound superb, and show what the 804 has been 'filtering' off.  803D3 very close in SQ to the 802D3, but in a size that will fit my small'ish music room.  Have ordered the 803D3s in rosenut (great finish for these speakers).
  • NAP-500 collected to go back to Salisbury for DR upgrade.  Have been lent a NAP-200 as a 'loaner'.
  • Once NAP-500DR upgrade complete, will be combining system strip down and rebuild, installation of the NAP-500DR and also 803D3s.

May 2016

  • NAP-500 delivered and reinstalled after its DR upgrade.
  • New B&W 803D3s delivered and installed.  Old 804D2s taken away in part exchange.
  • System now sounds simply awesome (even with NAP-500 and B&W 803D3 'fresh out of the box'!
  • No longer looking to move system out of dedicated music room - everything just gels where it is.  So pleased with the upgrades - truly icing on the cake!

July 2016

  • Replacement of Netgear GS116 16-port gigabit Ethernet Switch with a Netgear GS324-100EUS 24-Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Switch (more sockets to allow network expansion).

January 2017

  • Addition of Synology DS916+ NAS with 8TB WD Red discs.
  • Looking at Uniti Core (once initial software wrinkles have been ironed out) - replacement for US-SSD?  Possibly (if sound quality is good/better than US).
  • Evaluation of whether Fraim replacement of FraimLite is an audible improvement. 

July 2018

  • After demo (vs. NDS), have ordered a ND555.
  • Also ordered a Uniti Core To replace my UnitiServe SSD. 4TB Samsung EVO860 SSD to be fitted in the Core.
  • Full Fraim double stack on order as well to replace my Fraimlite.

September 2018

  • Naim Uniti Core arrives and is installed.  Music store and downloads from my old US-SSD satisfactorily transferred to the Core.

October 2018

  • ND555 installed and system rebuilt on full Fraim shelving.  Super Lumina links fitted to the speakers as well.

System Details

ND555/2 x 555DR/ 552DR/ 500DR/Uniti Core/ B&W 803D3/ Super Lumina 'full loom'/ PowerLines/ Fraim.

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