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Current affairs     History (particularly recent and 20th century)      Film especially before late 70's since when producers and moneymen got the say over directors  (definitely not superhero films, Star Wars, H Potter, romcom and soppy, films that overuse explosions)    Using brackets     Left of centre politics (from armchair not the barricades)    Linguistics (though posts often not checked and often miss bits etc)    Common and addictive vices (but def not Vice channel)    Moaning about decline in everything because of the culture of celebrity, malign influence of Facebook, dumbing down etc  etc


Born within wedlock.

Born yellow 25 years before The Simpsons first aired  (jaundice) now an uninteresting white.

Once bullied at school by boys of the same height

English Degree  and Law Degree (conversion course).  Some teaching qualifications.

Sales and marketing,  Solicitor - commercial property.   Teacher of business English freelance       and at various  (in between) times many crappy short-lived jobs



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NDX2 (as of writing 3/9/18 not yet received); 555ps DR; 252; SuperCap DR; 250 DR; ProAc D48R

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Pictures of things valued by gramophone.

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