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November 18




Retired sales director from the print industry, downsized to smaller property as wife suffers alzhiemers and am now full time carer. So need good music system to stay sane! Have collected/upgraded Naim kit for over 25 years I h ave moved my kit 2 times in the last 4 years due to the house moves. Get out to play golf and tennis as much as I can and come home to the wonders of Naim whilst cooking, cleaning, and all things associated with this dreadful illness.


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Rega RP8 with Dv - 20x2 high output cartridge, 552 and 552dr power supply, NDS,unitserve, 555 DR power supply, 1 x 300DR amps, unitiqute (for kitchen/dining room amp) naim m/m stageline phono stage, focal Kante no 2 loudspeakers plus TQ black speaker cables and Naim highline and Chord Anthem interconnects, Grado SR325i headphones Naim av processor and power supply for home cinema