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June 12


Comfy sofa about 15 ft from my speakers


Music (somewhat eclectic tastes), Sports, Motorbikes and Astronomy.


Main System:

Michell Orbe/Tecnoarm/Dynavector 20x2 MC         

Trigon Advance Phono Stage

Linn Klimax DS/1 streamer

Lindemann 830S Pre-amplifier

Lindemann 858 Dual Mono Power-amplifier 

Magneplanar MG 3.6R speakers

(Tellurium Q Ultra Black speaker cable & interconnects)         

Pioneer RT-909 Reel to Reel deck                   

2nd (AV) System:

Sonore microRendu + Teddy Pardo 7/2 power supply + Gustard U12  + Chord Hugo

Krell Pre/Processor

Krell 5:1 Power Amp

Ruark Solstice (Front) Ruark Prologue One (Rear) Ruark Dialogue (Centre) 

REL Storm II Sub.

3rd (Bedroom) system:

Marantz NA7004 streamer

Audiolab 8000A Amp

Musical Fidelity MC2 or Ruark Epilogue speakers 


Naim Muso Qb

Music store - Synology DS216+II NAS (WD Reds)

Photo/Home Video store - Synology DS216 NAS (WD Reds)

Assorted network switches; standard cat6 Ethernet cabling - and a smattering of ferrite chokes here and there (just in case!)

Keith Monks RCM  replaced by Project VCS Mk II RCM      



Stuff I Love

Pictures of things valued by Hmack.