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in the Bath


Musical interests:
20% Baroque
25% other Classical
10% Progressive Rock
5%   New Romantic
25% Post New Romantic
15% Other

Other interests would be 'Too Much Information'!


Ex scientist, ex scientific instrument designer, ex computer systems designer, now retired, still a nutcase.

Synology DS112j NAS  (Synology Media Server)
Meicord Opal Cat 6 UTP
Cisco 2960G 8TC-L Switch

5m StarTech Cat6 UTP (type N6PATC5MWH, a generic UTP patch cable from CPC Farnell)  (+ 1 ferrite *)
NAC-N 272  (Alphason rack + glass $) + CD 555PS(DR)
Custom Mogami W2497 DIN to XLR interconnects (550mm long)
NAP 300 (DRed)  (Alphason rack + glass $)

DNM Resolution 8m (each side!)
Modified Spendor SP2  (on mineral loaded 500mm Custom Design CS104 Signature stands + 35kg ceramic plinths)

Custom Klotz MC5000 cable (pseudo-balanced) with MS Audio Starline RCA Plugs
miniDSP 2x4  (crossover and room correction filter)
Custom Klotz MC5000 RCA (pseudo-balanced) (+ 1 ferrite *) with MS Audio Starline RCA Plugs
B&W ASW610XP sub  (+ 35kg ceramic plinth on  visco-elastic suspension)

Custom made mains ‘DC blocker’ with CM & DM inductors - No DM capacitors.

* Würtk Elektronik
$ Alphason rack + 10mm Dome Nuts + 8mm Toughened Glass

System Details

Room 3.5mx4.25m + 8sqm bass absorbtion: 20Hz-18kHz 1/12 octave +/-7dB*, 1/3 octave +/-4dB. * Temporal filtering indicates that at least 4dB of this appears to be artefacts due to multiple reflections giving comb filters with very small spatial dimensions affecting the small capsule microphone.

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