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December 9


Nieuwerkerken, VLG


I live in Belgium and spend my free time primarily on Regatta Sailing, Music, Hifi, and a bit of Tennis

My first set was in the early 90's composing of Yamaha 962MKII amp with Arcam CD player and IMF Super Compact. Especially the speakers I loved, and I still plan to ever buy a second pair back. This set was later replaced by various Onkyo gear with Mission loudspeakers. Around 2003 I decided to re-start and bought myself the Nait 5i, Naim CD5i and Wharfedale Evo 30 speakers. Enjoyed this set enormously and bought tons of CD's. Around 2010 I got interested in streaming audio and decided to build up a music library (all lossless). In parallel the Naim amp was upgraded piece by piece into the current NAC152XS/NAP150XS/FlatCapXS. I also bought the Squeezebox Touch together with the Best of Two Worlds powersupply and S-Booster. I used a Music Fidelity V-Dac which quickly was replaced by the excellent North Star Essensio. Early 2012 the Squeezebox and Dac were replaced by the Naim ND5XS together with upgrades in interlinks and absorbtion panels for room acoustics. Finally I replaced the Wharfedale Evo 30 loudspeakers into my current Epos Epic 5.

In April 2013 I was finally able to get my hands on the speakers I have been looking for so long: Naim Allaes. For me these loudspreakers are exactly what I am looking for. Very good with voices, very good on low volumes and an amazing ability for imaging and soundstage-placing. The Allaes are not to critical to placing and are "easy on the ear". Furthermore the Allaes are amazingly fast and provide a lot of space and air in their music presentation.

in 2017 I changed my set and got a SuperNait2 with HiCapDr. Streaming is via Naim NDX. Most recently I changed the Allae’s into Focal Kanta 2, and the SuperNait 2 into NAC282/250Dr. Early august 2018 my XPS-Dr arrived; again more detail and especially more authority in the sound. The end of my journey sofar was the replacement of the NDX by an NDX-2. The new NDX-2 is the icing on the cake and so much better than the NDX. Not too long ago I also started using Roon. I like it a lot; the user interface brings a whole new - and better - experience to music listening. It took some to sort out the technical set-up that would match the best with my Naim equipment, but in the end I choose for an Intel NUC fed by an SBooster PowerSupply and decent Chord Shawline UTP. 

My musical taste goes to Woman Vocals, Folk and Jazz music. My music comes from my own ripped CD's, from CD's ripped from the public library and numerous purchases on NaimLabel and HdTracks. I also use Tidal. Music is part of my live for several hours per day.

This forum is part of my hobby and I get great fun of it, though sometimes people tend to forget it is all about music and not so much about comparing specs and always upgrading. My personal opinion is that trying to get "balance" into your set is most important.


  • Naim Nac 282
  • NAP 250Dr
  • Naim HiCapDr
  • NapSc
  • Naim NDX-2
  • Focal Kanta 2 Loudspeakers
  • Naca5 speakercable with soldered plugs
  • Naim HiLine interlink
  • PowerIgel
  • Qnap 219p II NAS
  • Chord Shawline UTP
  • AudioQuest Forest UTP Cat6
  • NUC I5 running Roon Rock fed by Sbooster PowerSupply

System Details

NAC 282/ NAP250dr / NAPSC / HiCap-DR / NDX-2 / XPSDr / Focal Kanta 2 / HiLine interlink / PowerIgel

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