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Started hifi with a Grundig stereo system in the 80s (V7200, T7150, CF7400, speakers), Sony CDP-M30. Added Castle Trent speakers later, mid 90's came a Cambridge Audio P25 mk2 amplifier to replace the Grundig, end 90's a Micromega Stage 5 CD player and around 2000 my Naim era began with a Nait 5.

Naim equipment owned previously: Nait 5, CD5, Intro, 112, 150, Flatcap2, SN, Credo, Hicap, HiLine, Allae, 2x 200, 2x Naim Active Leads

Replay chain: Linn Kazoo app -> Synology DS 411 w/ Minimserver -> Fritz!Box -> WiFi -> Fritz!Repeater -> Linn Akurate DSM/1 w/ SPACE optimisation -> SNAXO 242 w/ HICAP2 DR -> 2x NAP 250 -> 4x NACA5 -> SL2

Marantz NR1605 for AV duties into unity gain input of DSM

Study: Sneaky DS -> Linn K20 -> N-Sats

Office: Akurate Renew DSM -> Headline w/ Hicap -> AKG K550, Bose QC3 (when noisy)

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