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February 19


Banbury, ENG


Music, naturally - I like pretty much listen to everything bar heavy/thrash metal, reggae, dance and all its derivatives. I grew up in the 80's/90's so that era forms the bulk of my record and CD collection, particularly "alternative" northern and London-based bands. I have two teenage daughters who unfortunately like all the stuff I don't, despite my best efforts to indoctrinate them.

I enjoy travelling, card games, Chess, good food and drink. I'm also a bit of a car nut which is where most of money gets spent these days unless the family gets hold of it first!


My hi-fi biography is relatively short. I bought my first system from the Sound Gallery in High Wycombe in the 90's, it was a Rega Planar 1, Creek amp, Yamaha CD and Tape Drive and Mordaunt Short MS10's. These gave way to an all Linn system care of a mate who worked at Uxbridge Audio. I chopped and changed this quite a lot as to my ears it never really delivered the sort of sound I was searching for. When the Karik CD player I had failed I took the opportunity to test-drive a few alternatives, one of them was Naim's CD5 and I was hooked from that moment on. Over the next 2-3 years I traded in all of my Linn kit for Naim, bar the LP12/Ittok IV which I did stupidly subsequently sell a few years ago. The only indecision I experienced was over the choice of speakers. I wanted Wilson-Benesch Axis, they looked great and sounded better but were expensive. I settled on Dynaudio Contour 1.3SE's which looked crap but sounded almost as good at half the price. I used the money saved to get the CDX2 and a 282 for my 200 and the combination has been great for the last 13 years. I've made small tweaks over the years, an interconnect here, speaker cable there and have largely settled on Chord as their cables do something to vocals I really like. Looking forward I think it will be to invest in a turntable, services for the 200/282 and possibly a FlatCap or Supercap.