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October 9


Saaarf London


Music, photography (taking pics and looking at other people's pics), movies, West Ham Utd, baiting rugger buggers, history, record collecting, art, eating, drinking, books, science, pork pies, winding up right-wing halfwits, giving up smoking, smoking, Sid James, getting chucked by girlfriends, catching colds, Throbbing Gristle, sucking my stomach in, Mad Men, dendrochronology, etc


A dolt attempting to scrape a living writing drivel.

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System: LP12 (Cirkus/Tramp 2)–Lingo 2–Ittok LVIII/T Kable–Linn Klyde feeding a NAC 72–HiCap–NAP 250 [pre and power supply serviced/recapped at Salisbury, April 2017] with Tellerium Q II Black cable to Heybrook HB1s on Linn Sara stands. Other sources: Oppo UDP-205 (as a disc player and streamer), Pioneer PDR-609, Nakamichi Dragon and Arcam Alpha 7 all on Sound Org supports with Chord Shawline and Chrysalis interconnects and black SNAICs. Music Works 6-way block. Latest upgrade: an Audiodesk Pro ultrasonic RCM.

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Pictures of things valued by Kevin-W.

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