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Favourite Genres: Rock, Prog, Grunge, Metal, Jazz.

Favourite Artists: Deftones, Pearl Jam, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Neil Young, Guns ‘N Roses, Sonny Rollins, Ornette Coleman, Sons Of Kemet.

Favourite Live Bands: Deftones, Metallica, Pearl Jam.

Music is a big part of my life, I have travelled the world to see bands play and almost all of my closest friends I have met through music.


My first Hi-Fi was bought when I was 17 years old with the aim of being able to hear my favourite bands of the time in higher quality. It comprised of an Arcam Alpha 8 amp and Marantz CD67se run through some old Sony speakers from the 70’s. The sound was sublime to my ears back then compared to the Getto Blasters me and my friends had been used to!

After many changes through the years hoping to ‘hear’ that level of difference again I found Naim and the thing Naim gave me that I had never experienced since the Arcam/Marantz days was a smile. It made me smile uncontrollably. All I want when I sit down to listen to music is to be entertained. Whilst there are many systems that will probably sound technically better and produce music that is purer to the source, for me that misses the point of why I listen to music.

I absolutely love investigating new music and going to a physical shop to choose CD’s to buy. I love sitting down in the evening and playing a new album from start to finish whilst looking through the booklet and holding it in my hands.

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CDS3 > XPS2 > Powerline > HiLine. NAC282 > Supercap DR > Powerlines. NAP300 DR > Powerline. Headline > HiCap DR > Powerline > Slic. Cherry SBL MK II > NACA5. Cherry/Black Fraim (Brains/Braun) with Fraim Chips