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South Vendee


Engineering old school - Zeus tables & slide rules, building restoration, solar power & water heating, gardening, photography, Macs Apple, fairly knowledgable of Bordeaux, Loire & Rhone wines, trying to improve on Burgundy.

Keeping Mrs NFG happy.


Royal Navy engineer - nuclear propulsion project 15 years, Walt Disney, IT consultant.

Moved to France several years ago, restoring 18th century farm house, semi retired but seem to be working harder than ever

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1979 - 1990: LP12 SME3009, 42/110 to Linn Kans. 1990: LP12 Ittok/K9 62/140, HiCap to Linn Kans. 2016: 202/200, HiCap, CD5X with LP12 Kore/Circus/Ittok/Adikt/HercII Witch Hat Phantom cable to Linn Kans.

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