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March 6


I like music and hi fi. I also dig cycling.


I. ca. 2012 I started on nait 5i-2, cd5, quad 21l2, acoustic zen epoch speaker cable.

Also: rega rp1, leema phono elements.


II. then I got nac n172xs/nap155xs (cd5 stayed) and got amphion 3L speakers.


III. sold naim amps got manley tube gear (shrimp/mahi)


IV. my MTB bike got stolen - had to sell manley - got cheaper sonneteer alabaster (great amp)


V. missed naim - decided to go back - ordered nac n272/nap 200DR.

VI. Now it’s Uniti Star with ProAc 148

some of my records are listed here: http://www.discogs.com/user/alex_plan




I was born, went to school, studied at the Wrocław UNI. I work in the office. I do legal work. I have two daughters, two dogs and two bikes. And one wife.

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