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January 28


Raleigh, NC


cycling (mountain and road),  basketball, hiking, going to museums, reading, crossword puzzles.


Main system:

  • Sources:  CDX2 with XPS-DR  & NAT05 XS w/ Flatcap XS
  • Amplification:  Supernait2 with Hicap DR
  • Headphone Amplifiers
    • Headline2 w/ Flatcap XS
    • Woo Audio WA-6 
  • Speakers:  Harbeth Compact 7ES-3.
  • Cables: Chord Indigo, NACA5, Powerlines
  • Miscellaneous:  Nordost QBase 8 Mk ii.  
  • Headphones: 
    • AKG K7xx Massdrop 
    • Audeze Sine DX (open back)
    • Beyerdynamic DT880, 250 ohm version
    • Grado GH-1
    • Shure SE425 (w/ Moon Audio Black Dragon cable) 


 Second system: 

  • Sources:  Windows laptop  iTunes w/ ALAC/AIFF files to HRT Microstreamer, and Magnun Dynalab MD 100 tuner
  • Amplification:  Nait5i
  • Speakers:  KEF iQ10. 
  • Cables:  ICs:  Chord Anthem; speaker:  Chord Rumour; power:  Nordost Vishnu and Powerline. 
  • Misc: 
    • Channel Island Audio HP-1 headphone amp w/ CIA power supply.  
    • Nordost QBase 4 Mk ii.  

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