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August 3


Locks Heath , ENG


Astronomy, own observatory in garden. This is actually a more expensive hobby, more expensive even than Naim! When it's cloudy I take solice with my music, that's if I can get my wife to hand me the controls. Since we upgraded in the last cloudy spell she's become super addicted! Music, all types, classical, rock, pop, jazz etc. 


Teens, Leak Stereo 60 and a variety of sources including Garrard 401 tt SME Plinth system 2000, I actually saw one of these tt on a factory visit to Naim many years ago when Julian was still with us! speakers, some home made! Progressed to Linn, Quad 44/405mk2, Swisstone Rogers Studio speakers, followed by Linn Kans, both speakers a very nice sound. Naim amps added, NAC 122X/NAP 150X (I think). Now my present Linn, Core, 272,250dr, PMC 20 24s. 

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Linn LP12/Rega phono, Uniti Core, NAC N 272, NAP 250DR into PMC Twenty 24's

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