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July 11


New Zealand


Music. Including unreleased live Bob Dylan recordings, Jazz, Country, Rock and Classical (in small doses). Hill walking, Eco housing, gardening with NZ native plants. 


Owner of Living Sound in Nelson, South Island, New Zealand. Naim dealer.

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NDS/555PSDR, Uniti Core, NAC552DR, NAP500DR, Fraim (2 stacks), Super Lumina Din-Din I/C, Powerlines, Ovator S600's, Two n-Subs (running as a stereo pair). All components are plugged into a IsoTek EVO3 Sigmas power conditioner with the Sigmas connected to a dedicated mains power outlet via a IsoTek EVO3 Optimum power cable. Apple Airport Extreme, NetStreams 8-Port managed switch (with IsoTek EVO3 Premium power cable), ReadyNas and Synology Nas drives plugged into a IsoTek EVO3 Polaris power strip. Dedicated listening room with walls constructed of adobe brick, carpet over concrete floor and timber ceiling. Room treated with RealTraps Mondo & Mini traps (13), Vicoustic Cinema Rounds (6) & Multifuser DC2's (2), plus 1 home made wood QRD diffuser.