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Neston, ENG




DIY stuff

Computer stuff



NAC 552DR  into  ATC SCM100 Active speakers        was  NAP 500  into B&W 802 Diamond    Changed from 802's to ATC SCM100 actives in December 2017.

Chord Sarum STA din-XLR between 552 & 500    &   Super Lumia from 500 to 802's

ND555 / 555DR + 555DR

Chord MUSIC from ND555 to 552DR  (Music replaces Sarum STA which replaced Super Lumia).

Klimax LP12  (with Ekos SE, Radikal, Urika & Kandid MC) 

SuperLumia from Urika to 552DR

Dual 721 into Stageline / Flatcap   (second 1970s deck for old 45's & boot sale LPs)

CDP555 / 555PSDR  via Super Lumia into 552

NAC272  (used to switch additional analogue & digital sources - see 'also running')


Music Server:

NS01 2TB (replaces an HDX SSD) / QNAP TS253A with 2x 4TB Seagate Red  (backed up to ReadyNAS Ultra Plus)

 VPI record cleaning machine   

also running:

Kenwood DP-X9010 CD transport

Nakamichi DR2 cassette player

Akai GX 635D reel-to-reel

Sony DTC55ES DAT tape player

Sony FM/DAB tuner


Surround system: (used mostly for SACD)

Yamaha 6010 / B&W centre, surround & rear



Upgrade from Hiline interconnect between CD555 & preamp  ( to probably Super Lumia?)

Full loom of Super Lumia (pre to power )    - tried that didn't like it, settled for Chord STA instead !

Maybe the new B&W 800s or active S800s in my next life ?  ...looks like that won't happen then... (Feb 2016 update)

 Just a NAP500. - 2013 was a busy year!

Then maybe B&W 802s   802 diamonds arrived mid Sept 2013... and left Dec 2017  (replaced by ATC SCM100 active)

Factory visit (in this life) - did that Sept 2013 - v interesting !

Chord Sarum TA - source to pre & pre to power amp  (or maybe the new Naim interconnects?)



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