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I got into music and HiFi as a school lad, I started listening seriously with my parents Technics music centre my first HiFi proper was Rega RP3 and Cyrus amp. Later I moved to LP12 and my first Naim amps the 135s 32.5 HiCap and Linn Isobarik that was in 1986 I have never looked back, I just love the Naim sound. Its been great to see and hear it evolve over the years....long may they continue. 

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Rega RP10 Apheta II Avid Pellere phono stage Powerlines x 4 N-272 XPS-DR 300-DR PMC 20-26 TelliuriunQ Black Diamond speaker cable AR-SOUND Lunar Equatorial 4pin din>xlr AR-SOUND Lunar phono>din AQ Vodka Ethernet Synology Nas.

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