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March 22


Alderholt, Dorset


Table tennis (same local league as Paul Stephenson!)



Vinyl playback; Clearaudio Emotion / Satisfy arm / Aurum wood classic cartridge; Stageline N

Streaming playback; self built computer, Intel N3150 quad core mini itx motherboard, Silverstone USB3 card, 4 gig of memory, 128gb Sandisk SSD, inside a Streacom 7 evo case. Currently running Lubuntu 17.04 and Roon Core software. Bit perfect output via USB into a DAC V1.

Music server; self built computer, Intel Celeron 847 based motherboard with 2 gig memory, main drive WD Red 3TB plus Samsung Spinpoint 1TB x 2. Running Xubuntu 14.04 lts and Jriver MC22.

CD playback; Sony cdp-xb930 into DAC V1 via coax digital.

Amp is the Supernait 2.

Speakers are Neat Motive SX2 floorstanders connected with 4m Naca5.

kitchen system; Unitiqute 2 into NAP100 into Totem Dreamcatchers. Yamaha dvd player as a cd transport via coaxial digital (this thing cost me £600 back in 1998! Totally silent as a cd transport). Streaming via dlna running off the music server. Raspberry pi + hifiberry digi card connected via coax digital giving me a Roon endpoint.

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PC -> DACV1 -> SN2 -> Neat Motive SX2; UQ2 -> NAP100 -> Totem Dreamcatchers

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