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April 24




57 years old IT Manager, married with two sons.

My HIFI passion started at  11 years old; I remember it because I received a portable Sanyo cassette recorder.

The Naim passion started 8 years ago with the Supernait. I've now reached my top with the 552/500.

Why I like NAIM: although improving all the time with new products, the baseline stays the same and the quality is TOP.

I like the minimalist looks which does not change every season. With this globalized world spinning out of control, I need something to remind me that there was a yesterday that is stiil with me today!


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´╗┐Nap 500, Nac 552, ND5 XS, QNAP NAS,NIBIRU Pre Phono, 3 Powerline, Micro Seiki RX 5000 TT, SME tonearms V and 312s, Ortofon Winfeld, Panasonic PCM 45 Strain Gauge + Eselab , Pre-Amp, Studer A810 R2R, Thiel 2.3 speakers, STAX 009 with SRM007tII