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October 26


South Yorkshire, England


walking, bonsai, hi-fi, music



Retired analytical chemist, Worked in various sites of British Steel (and it's various incarnations) around the Sheffield/Rotherham area.
Initially began as a "Bench Wet Chemist" graduating up the ladder to laboratory manager.
Involved in testing, purchasing, and commissioning of analytical equipment.




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Main System: (On two Clearlight Audio Aspect Racks on sand box base). W.B. F.CircleT.T.(Ply cartridge) /Stageline N on Custom Design wall shelf. L.H. rack : 552DR, NAT05, nDAC, 300ps, 552ps. R.H. rack : CDX2.2, HiCap/Headline, 555ps, 300DR, SuperCap 2. Grado RS1 headphones; Allaes on sand boxes with detached crossovers; Philips N4510 Reel to Reel tape deck. Cabling: Dedicated consumer unit 40A/spur, MK double unswitched socket; 8 plug Powerigel; HiLine on NAT05, SL I.C., DC1 on nDAC/CDX2.2; Powerline on NAP300PS;WitchHat XLR/DIN's on 300/552,SL 3m speaker cable. iPod-Touch dock(USB) to nDAC, MacBook Pro - HiFACE M2TECH BNC-BNC-nDAC. 2nd System : Nait3, Philips CD850 mkII, Philips GA212 T.T., Mission 73 speaker

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