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Hifi career began with A&R A60 followed in the 90's by Naim 72/140 and SBLs. Later came and went 82/250/Hicap to be replaced by CDX2/282/200/Hicap and Neat Motive 2s. Subsequent upgraded to CDS3/252/SC/250 with the Motive 2s.

I then downsized to a Meridian transport/Naim Dac/Supernait 2, N-Sats, 3 Powerlines. I then replaced the Supetnait with a Nova and later added a Nap 250DR. I spent some time looking for a replacement speaker with more bass whilst retaining all the benefits of the N-Sats and eventually chose ATC SCM 11s which work well in my small dedicated music room

bob dot j dot braddock at gmail dot com

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Main system - Nova-250DR-ATC SCM11s, 2nd system 42/110 with recent service by Naim, 3rd Muso QB