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September 15


Little Rock, Arkansas USA


Audio, Porsche, Outdoors, Travel, Cooking, Photography:


Contact me at 1-501.258.7880.  scsld at mac dot com.

Upstairs: Naim CD5x + Nait XS + Flatcap 2XS + N-sat system.  Meridian Explorer USB DAC.
iChord Mini-DIN. Great small system.

Downstairs: CD555 /PS555DR+PS555DR + Lyra Kleos SL + Moerch DP6  + Verdier + Superline + 400 ohm Z-Plug + Supercap DR+ NAC552DR + NAP500DR.  Into ProAc D40R via NACA5.  Powerlines all around. Nordost Reference Jumpers.   Nordost Qk1, Qv2,  Qbase8,  QLine Ground, Valhalla 2 power cord into Qbase.  Full Fraim.  Herbie's Audio Lab feet under speakers and turntable.  Truly outstanding if you grew up on spikes.  Herbie's makes everything sound more analog.  This Nordost stuff brings back the highs that a full Naim system is lacking and it does it with no lack of PRAT that I can tell.  Tempted by Super Lumina but not committed yet.

Main TV:  Comcast cable into Samsung into MuSo optical.  Loving the MuSo at last. Logitech remote is key.

Second TV Room: Meridian F80 + Vizio 4K TV.  Love the F80.


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