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December 15


Upstate South Carolina


My Naim journey started with an XS-2. That only lasted for a couple of weeks as I traded that for a Uniti 2. The upgrade path made me go for a single box solution. I was happy with that dos a year or so before upgrade itus got the best of me. I ended up buying a second hand NDX to add to the U2 with thoughts of adding a SN2 later. Lack of patience got the best of me and I sold the NDX and bought a ND5/XS-2. Back to where I started and was prepared to stay there and be happy and content. Fortunately I was made an offer on a 272/250 combo that couldn't pass on. I never thought I would get to this level of electronics. Sold off the ND5/XS-2 and traded in the Uniti 2. I decided to go ahead and purchase the XPS DR and max out the combo. I already had one Powerline and bought a second. Enjoying the 272/250 while waiting on the arrival of the XPS DR and second Powerline. 

XPS DR and second Powerline have arrived. 

The uograde continues. My Scansonic MB-2.5!have been replaced by Dynaudio Contour C20.

SL IC on its way. Complete system overhaul is almost complete. Really enjoying the new system  

SL IC now installed  

TT has been installed. Went with a Pro-Ject Carbon Debut and Schiit Mani phono stage. We'll see if an upgrade is needed in the future. Right now  think it's all the TT I'll need for a while.

TT sold  I had a terrible hum and didn’t want to mess around with getting rid of it  Nay try another TT in the future  

Stand 20 ordered for my Contoud 20  




2nd system

UnitiQute > NACA5 > Totem Mite>cheap Polk sub to help fill in the lows





System Details

272>XPS DR(Powerline)>250 DR(Powerline)>NACA5>Dynaudio Contour C20

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