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December 15


Upstate South Carolina


My Naim journey started with an XS-2. That only lasted for a couple of weeks as I traded that for a Uniti 2. The upgrade path made me go for a single box solution. I was happy with that dos a year or so before upgrade itus got the best of me. I ended up buying a second hand NDX to add to the U2 with thoughts of adding a SN2 later. Lack of patience got the best of me and I sold the NDX and bought a ND5/XS-2. Back to where I started and was prepared to stay there and be happy and content. Fortunately I was made an offer on a 272/250 combo that couldn't pass on. I never thought I would get to this level of electronics. Sold off the ND5/XS-2 and traded in the Uniti 2. I decided to go ahead and purchase the XPS DR and max out the combo. I already had one Powerline and bought a second. Enjoying the 272/250 while waiting on the arrival of the XPS DR and second Powerline. 

XPS DR and second Powerline have arrived. 

The uograde continues. My Scansonic MB-2.5!have been replaced by Dynaudio Contour C20.

SL IC on its way. Complete system overhaul is almost complete. Really enjoying the new system  

SL IC now installed  


2nd system

UnitiQute(source) > SuperNait > NACA5 > Totem Mite>cheap Polk sub to help fill in the lows





System Details

272>XPS DR(Powerline)>250 DR(Powerline)>NACA5>Dynaudio Contour C20

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