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November 30


Central Maine USA


Music (obviously), technology & computers, photography, dogs, politics & literature.


First bitten by the music bug in Michigan in 1963 or 4 when listening to one of the big New York stations via AM the DJ said that a friend, a stewardess, had just flown in from London with a single by new group that was all the rage there called the BEATLES.  I can't remember the tune (either "Love Me Do" or "I Want to Hold Your Hand" I think), but according to the jock that 2AM spin was the first time the Beatles were heard in the US... and I was listening! 

Moved into "lo-fi" in college back in the day of KLH "suitcase" systems when I bought a Sony all-in-one rig which sounded pretty good to me especially using headphones after an herbal smoke.

Round about '75 I got a job managing a fairly high end music store here in Maine selling both instruments (Martin, Gibson, Fender etc.) and hifi (Klipsch, Advent, McIntosh, Tandberg, Revox, Yamaha, Genesis, Nakamichi, Allison, etc.).  I was able to try a lot of gear at home and listen to even more at work, learning a lot in the three years I was there as well as help set up & run concert sound at various venues (Fiddler's Convention, Arlo Guthrie concert, etc.).

The system I left with carried me thru the 80s and into the 90s when I could finally afford to do some serious upgrading.  My first move into genuine high fidelity came with the purchase of DeVore Gibbon 8s powered by a Sugden  A21.  Gradually I got into a tube system centered around Shindo electronics, Labs 47 transport, Raimyo DAC and DeVore Silverback speakers which I kept for a decade.

The next step up was, of course, to Naim.  Tubes are nice but they are fussy, hot, high in distortion and usually not very powerful.  The sound can be very liquid and appealing with a gorgeous soundstage but my system was fatiguing and lacking in precision and PRAT.  You can read about what I'm running these days in the System Details.  The bottom line is I haven't regretted the move back to solid state for a second, and find that the Naim gear does pretty much everything better than the tube stuff except throw up a really large and impressive 3D soundstage. 

System Details

LIVING ROOM: Dr. Feickert Woodpecker turntable, Kuzma 4-point tonearm, EMT TSD 15 cartridge, Superline + HiCap DR; UnitiServe + Pardo PS; NDX 2; CD5xs + Pardo HiCap; Magnum Dynalab FM tuner; NAC 282 + HiCap DR; NAP 300DR + Powerline; Davone Grande speakers + Auditorium 23 cables. BEDROOM: CD5si; NAD AM/FM tuner; NAC-N272 + XPS DR; NAP-250 DR + Powerline; DynAudio Confidence C1 Platinum + Auditorium 23 cable. STUDY: Rega P5; NaimUniti 2 + NAP200; DeVore 3XL + Auditorium 23 speaker cables. TV Nook: Auralic Aries Mini w/ 1TB SSD, AudioEngine 5+ speakers. NAS: Synology DS218+. KITCHEN: Naim MuSo. PERSONAL LISTENING: Chord Hugo2 + Focal Clear, Hugo + Focal Elear, Sony NW-WM1Z + Sony MDR-Z1R, BeyerDynamic T1, HE 400S, Grado RS2, etc., various computer audio systems w/ Edifier powered speakers and others.