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March 26


System Details :

NUC (i7-8650U) with Roon Rock --> (WiFi) -->  iPhone --> Audiophilleo 1 + PP

nDac / 555PS-DR  /  NAC252 / SuperCapDR  /  NAP300DR

Speakers : JMR Abscisse

Hi-Line / Power-Lines / NACA5

Dedicated mains and consumer unit

Interests :

- Mountaineering
- Ice & Roc climbing
- Classical Music

Work : 

I teach math and science in high school.

The gear ! :

The living room were I listen to music with my daughter. The little chair is for her :-)

The rack is a super heavy Schroers & Schroers Charisma Audio.
The shelves are 2cm thick glass. 
I added myself the glass door (my daughter is a curious little girl).

The cable dressing was kind of a puzzle! 
I  cobbled together a curved aluminium structure to which all cables are attached.
- Cables never touch directly the rack
- Cables never touch each other
- Cables never touch the floor (except for power cables and NACA5)
- Cables are never parallel (except power cables)

The "Audiophilleo 1 SE + PurePower" and iPhone are missing on this picture 

 The "computers corner"

Stuff I Love

Pictures of things valued by TomSer.

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