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My system at this time (Nov 2017) is Linn LP12 with a Simon Price plinth, TigerPaw Tranquility, Lingo 3, Cicrus, IttokVII + T cable,  / Dynavector 20x2 low output mc / Lehman Black Box phono / Linn Majik DS / inneos CD ripper-storage  / Linn Exotic pre amp / x4 Linn LK 100 power amps / Aktive Linn Keltic speakers / Chord Odyssey 2 speaker cables. Several pairs of Chord Cadenza's, Linn Silver interconnect's oh and an Okki Nokki record cleaner.

Sorry chaps but after 30 plus years I am no longer a Naim user in anyway! 



I first became interested in HIFI when I was about 8 years of age when my b-in-l gave me a 'Champion' record player. This lasted me until I was about 15 and by the time I had left school I had a separates system consisting of a turntable made in Swindon, oh yes a Garrard SP25? and a long forgotten amp and a very early pair of Celestion speakers whose names I have also totally forgotten. My next kit came in the guise of a Goldring GL75? and an Artmstrong amp and a pair of Celestion speakers. I would now be about 21 and was now looking to add my first real turntable so a Linn Lp12 complete with a Supex mounted in a Grace arm and by this time I had moved on to a Quad 33 pre and 405 power amp and a pair of Celestion SP25 speakers followed next by a pair of Nightingale NM1 speakers that I bought from Ian Padbury of Reading Hifi, long gone now but I still miss that shop! Next came a SmE 3009 arm and Shure V15, an Elite pre and a huge and very heavy P80 valve amp by Beard. During this time I moved the Linn on and bought a Rega 3 and enjoyed that for a while with the Shure but then I had the opportunity to get a Michelle turntable (The model that appeared in the 2001 film) so I did using it with the SME and V15. I the decided to build a pair of speakers but forget which ones but didn't like them so bought a pair of Mordant Short Signifers. At this point I realised that what I had as a system had never really gelled so very thought I sold the lot and bought a Naim 32.5, HiCap, 250, and New Linn, ittok, Asak and a pair of Linn Kans and how that system rocked for me and apart from adding a BW sub a few years later I never looked back. I eventually added a pair of Kabers, an Asaka, a Pioneer CDP (not a cheap one). Then I decided that I no longer needed records so I sold the Linn and bought a 102 pre. Then I bought a Secondhand Linn, Ittok and a AT cartridge. I again decided to move the LP12 and 102 on and bought a 83 pre. Recently I have added a SuperCap, a BW sub today (Dec 22 2012) and a brand new Rega P23-24 and a Denon DL304 cartridge and next I will most probably look at Linn parts so I can gradually put together a Linn LP12 over the coming year or so (no hurry but that will make it LP12 number 4!) and the CD5 replacement but will have to wait for me to sell my MGB in the spring. In the early part of this year (2013) I made the decision to go active and the only financial way for me was to sell all my Naim gear and replace it with secondhand Linn stuff instead. I have never regretted the decision as the sound I have now is absolutely stunning when compared to my last system though I have to admit wondering if I had been able to keep to Naim amplification would I have an even better sounding system? Sadly I will never know.  November2014



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When I was a Naim user I had CD5,Hicap,Nac82,Napsc,Supercap,Naim 301 tuner, Nap250,Kabers and BW whoofer

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