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September 24


Fylde Coast


Music, swimming, running, architecture, mid century art & design, cinema - esp B-movie ephemera.


Born in Warrington and grew up on Anglesey. Studied Art & Design at Brighton, then London. Lived in numerous locations, settling on the Fylde Coast. Work as a freelance Illustrator after years dividing time as a University lecturer and Illustrator. Married with 3 children.

Systems have come and gone over the years, but Naim, Linn and Rega have dominated. Fav system based on a fully specced Linn LP12, Ittok, Koetsu, Naim 52, NAP 135's & Linn Isobariks. I dearly wish I'd kept that system. Main listening enjoyed during the working day as I work from home.

1. Student system --- Rega Planar3, Nytech 202, Monitor Audio R252.
2. Rega Planar3, Linn Intek, Linn Index II.
3. Rega Planar3, Musical Fidelity T1, Linn Intek, Monitor Audio R252.
4. Rega Planar3, Musical Fidelity T1, Lynx Quasar, Monitor Audio R252.
5. Linn LP12, Musical Fidelity T1, Naim 62 / NAP140, Monitor Audio R252.
6. Linn LP12, Musical Fidelity T1, Naim 52 / NAP 135's, Naim SBL.
7. Linn LP12, Marantz CD65II-SE, Musical Fidelity T1, Naim 52 / NAP 135's, Linn Isobariks.
8. Linn LP12, Naim CD3.5, FLATCAP, NAC92 / NAP90, Rega Kyte.
9. Naim CDX, Musical Fidelity T1, Naim NAC62 / NAP140 / HI-CAP, Rega Kyte.
10. Naim CDX, Naim NAC102 / NAP180 / HI-CAP, Rega Ela.
11. Naim CD5, Flatcap2, 112X / 150X, Rega Ela.
12. Mac G5, Beresford DAC, Naim CB Nait2, Monitor Audio R252.

--- Current Stereo system --- Rega RP6, Ortofon 2M Black, Rega Fono2, Mac Mini, Naim UnitiQute2, Nait2, Monitor Audio R252---
--- Current AV system --- Panasonic Plasma, Apple TV, Yamaha RX-V667 Amplifier, Rega Ela, Rega R-VOX, Rega Kyte, BK XLS200MkII Sub---

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Source: Rega RP6 Mac Mini (2012 2.3 i7) & UnitiQute2 & MCRU No85 Mains Cable / Speakers: Monitor Audio R252 / Speaker cable: Witch Hat N2.

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