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Foot tapper posted:

Ah, back now.

So, the NDS/XPSDR made perfectly fine music.  It was smooth, clear, lacked any indication of sharp, harsh edginess.  It would be easy to listen to for a long time.

Then we switched to DAVE.  Sometimes you just know after the first 2 or 3 notes when everything has stepped up a gear or 2.  This was one of those moments. 

The same band of musicians who had rolled into work that morning  to play on the NDS suddenly woke up.  This time they were enjoying their music.  Music had life.  It held my interest.  Transients soared much higher and the dynamic range just expanded.  Feet started to tap (when appropriate).  The spacial imaging sharpened up and grew by about 50% in all directions (and this is an aspect of hifi that I'm not normally that excited about).  Basslines had considerably more drive & power.  Unlike the last time that I'd heard a DAVE, this time there was no relentless edge to the sound. 

It sounded a step up from my CD player, in a way that the NDS/XPSDR was not.  Usual caveats about different room & system apply here.  However, I recall the first time that I heard a CDS3 with XPS in the system at home.  While I admired what it did very well, I didn't fall for it.  It took the 555PS to make all the difference to the CDS3.  I wonder if the same is true of the NDS?

So, round 1 is a clear win by some way for the Melco-DAVE over Melco-NDS/XPSDR.  I think we might need a round 2 with an NDS/555PSDR.  Oh, and the Wilson Yvette speakers?  Ugly and pricey they may be, but I do like the music that they make, even more than the Sophia 2s that I enjoyed at home a few years ago.

Has anyone else made a similar comparison?  If so, I would be most interested to learn of your experiences.

Best regards, FT

i don’t know if it can explain a bit, but , from what i read in some reviews, melco seems to work at his best in usb mode with dac.

But more and more users seem to prefer melco / nds vs nds/ nas.....So melco in upnp is also a good combo.

The other thing is that nds , in upnp mode, works at his best when the network is optimized ( my experience and others). I don’t know how it was optimized in your friend’s system.....

One last point : tonym and dark bear found the melco / dave boring. They preferred the melco/ previous chord dac combination.  So it is interesting that you found the contrary.

A lot of mystery in this comparison.....