Reply to "ATC SCM40 Active or Not"

Hi John

Notice you have TQ black speaker cables also, which is what I was using at the time I made the mod. I don't know if you are using the TQ black jumper leads, not that its relevant but annoying you need two sets for the three way terminals on the speakers.

Anyway what I noticed was that the sound changed depending on which terminals I plugged the speaker cables into on the speakers ie if I plugged them into the bass terminals then the bass became better defined, if I plugged into the mid terminals then the mids were better, when I see where i'm going with this.

If you haven't tried it give it a go and see what you think, it sounds completely different depending on the where the speaker cables are plugged into. Surely this should not be the case.

Anyway this got me thinking why should this be and came to the conclusion it can only be either the jumper leads or the binding posts on the speakers. So I opened up the rear panel to have a look and noticed that the internal wiring is terminated on what looks like gold plated push on shoes that connect to nickel plated spades that are connected via a nut on the speaker binding posts. I just thought that's a lot of connections even before the speakers cables are connected.

So firstly I undid all the nuts and removed the spades from the binding posts, then placed them all on one terminal, obviously keeping the positives on one terminal and negatives on the another terminal. So now I could do away with the jumpers and just use the speaker cables, this made a very worth while improvement. However after looking at the speaker terminals I thought they looked cheap and nasty, so looked at alternatives.

I Purchased a set of four WBT-0730.01 Topline Pole Terminal, Gold Plated and WBT flat push-on cable shoes, about £150 in total. The push on shoes were purchased so that I could revert them to stock should this not go well . Opened up the back of the speakers again, cut off the existing shoes from the internal wiring at the binding post end, opened up the holes in the plastic plate slightly, stripped the internal cables back slightly and fitted into the WBT binding posts. What a difference this made I tell you, like new speakers.

Improvements in soundstage, coherence and definition of the speakers was vast, they never sounded disjointed before but now they sound like a single driver. Can honestly say its the best money ive spent on this hobby. £150 and an hour or so to do, selling the two sets of TQ black jumpers will pay for the WBT outlay so its basically a free upgrade.

If nothing else try moving the speaker cables about on the rear and see what you think. Even putting all the internal cabling onto a pair of binding posts made a decent improvement which costs nothing but time, so give it a go if you can.

Apologies Dan, didn't mean to high jack your thread.