Reply to "ATC SCM40 Active or Not"

Hungryhalibut posted:

This thread has spurred me to look up the cost of these SCM40A, which is £6,800. I recently bought a NAP300, which costs £7,699. Then there were SL XLR leads and longer speaker cables, which cost the best part of £6,000. 

Is it the case that the ATCs use big standard XLR leads? If so they’d be a fantastic value solution. They’d be a bit too big for me, which is very likely why I’d forgotten about them before getting the 300, but for those without the memory of a goldfish they look like a great option to consider.

{Could the built in amps really be as good as a 250 or 300? Maybe the crossover issue makes that an impossible question.}?????

I tend to Agree with the Big Fish.

Could the built-in Amps be that good?

"We should examine the work of a bunch of pioneering guys – Peter Walker, Ivor Tiefenbrun, Julian Vereker, Bob Stuart, Mark Levinson, Dan D’Agostino, Ed Meitner, Dave Wilson, Alon Wolf and Yoav Geva. Who are these guys? What did they do to awaken the interest of Joe Reynolds (Nordost), George Cardas (Cardas Audio), Dr. Ray Kimber (Kimber Kable) and Edwin van der Kley (Siltech), leading lights in the cable industry?"

Notice the first three:

Speakers ~ Peter Walker

Turn Tables ~ Ivor ~ Linn

Amps ~ Julian ~ Naim

Who knows, maybe those built-in amps are really that good!