Reply to "Electric Cars - Saviours of our environment or just another fad?"

Don Atkinson posted:

We have two electric cars for use at work. A Tesla and a BMW 3i.

Based on my experience with these over the past year or so there is NO WAY I would buy one of these stupid machines.

Capital outlay is rediculously expensive

Range is pathetic.

Recharge time needs to be carefully planned and is time-consuming on a long journey. the BMW is only good for short (30 mile journeys)

There are too many electrical charging options for the average woman to cope with...........

The Batteries will probably need replacement in three years time.

In summary, they are a joke. Anexpensive joke at that.

When we have built 6 more nuclear power stations and invested in the distribution system to cope with re-charging and found batteries that Last 30 years + well then they might be a sort of proposition.

OTOH, if you are a boy-racer, that little BMW does accelerate like a rocket.....  we have a race track, I know !!!!

Which Tesla do you have access to? The range of even the smallest battery-option Model S would be fine for 99.9% of our motoring. Your misogynist characterisation of the a woman as unable to plug a car in is worrying. What charging options are you even talking about? What do you base the 3-year battery life on? No battery ever supplied by Tesla is yet out of its 10 year warranty. A Tesla Model S is an expensive car, but they can sell every car they can make. And I agree that the BMW is an over-priced, deeply flawed, short range noddy-car and symptomatic of the pathetic strategy of mainstream car manufacturers.