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Christopher_M posted:

Thank you, Ian, this is very good of you. As it is of all who have repsonded so generously on the particular redundancy thread. I'm sort of keeping my powder dry at the moment because there are a few irons in the fire and there may be changes/ developments.

I want you to know I supported City as a boy in the Franny Lee-Colin Bell years, basically because I liked the sky blue shirts.

I've always enjoyed working there, including in the Maine Rd days, 'fifteen pounds to look after yer car, mister'. I first worked at the Etihad for the Commonwealth Games in 2002. It was good but the transformation to a football ground was glorious.

As a lensman, I'd say it's the best ground to work in the league. First, there's Rose's tearoom where we all sit at a long table and you can't touch the sandwiches and cakes until you've had your soup. Secondly, it's all run by photographer, 'Hodgie'. Various grounds have suffered over the years where everyone and his mate with a camera was blagging a spot in 'the pits', making it difficult for the genuine guy, who had travelled up from, say, the south coast, and was cutting it a bit fine on kickoff.

Working with the club, Hodgie changed all that. First only the bona fides come in. Second, the away team's club photographer and the lensman from the away team's local paper are allocated a spot each. They are even allocated spots at the other end so that if the teams swap after the toss, I am still going to get the Saints attack. Then he takes all the Press cards from the remaining snappers and there is a lucky dip to allocate who sits where. There are never any complaints and it's always fair in the long run. The wi-fi is also good.

The thing that is nice photographically is that we all sit low, so our lenses have got the pitch at the very bottom of the frame as these pics from my visit last season show: The pics of the City attack are from the Press Association. All are copyrighted.

I've rambled, Ian, but thanks. Best to City too.



Thanks so much for your story working as a photographer with  your working trips at City.Found it very interesting what you said about camara angles for the best pictures and where photographer's get to sit

I often watch  City's channel on YouTube and it always strikes me what a friendly bunch of people they are from the Kitmen,official club photographer's etc.

It's amazing the transformation at City.I remember when Sheik Monsour brought the club and Mark Hughes was the manager and they signed Robiniho who was a huge signing for City.Lovely to see the evolution in the club the last 10 years.

Think City will be on fire this season now the defence has been sorted.

Agree the Ethiad's a beautiful ground love the curvy roof.Apart from 20 trips there over the years to see City as I am from the south coast - saw Oasis there in 2005 - great memory....must have been special for Liam and Noel being massive City fans 

Cheers Ian