Reply to "Mm Cart for Aro?"

kuma posted:
Lewis posted:

Thanks gents that's great. The other one I've read to be decent is the Denon DL 103 which comes in at a few hundred pounds. Looks quite good on the arm too! 

I must be the only one who did not care for the Denon variants. ( I had both the DL103 & 103R ) which got out of the system rather quickly! This goes to show you this cartridge business is very personal and subjective.

Compliance wise, tho, AT would be a better fit for ARO, I'd reckon but it has many fans.

Also, DL103 isn't a Moving Magnet. It's a Moving Coil pickup.




Kuma, do you have any aerial shots of these carts fitted at all?  I have seen some that almost follow the shape of the aro's profile but unsure which type these are, thanks.


Thanks Richard, your knowledge is endless on this!