My Records of the year...

maybe a bit are my most played LPs/ files....

1. Jamie Saft: loneliness road (can‘t stop spinning this, best Jazz trio recording- Not a single boring note imho)

2. Matthew Halsall: when the world was gone (2016?- it‘s like a musical flood, diving into...)

3. Chor des Bayerischen Rundfunk: Bach H-Moll Messe (download, it sounds great too)

4. Pegido: greetings from Amarillo (tip from audiostream, great guitar transformiert me in the planes...)

5. The Still: the Still (bronze rat recording, Vinyl, guess this is hard to find but worth it)

6. Aldous Harding: Party (strange and beautiful recording....dont watch the video called Blend :–) 

7. Julie Byrne: Not Even happiness (took me 5sec to buy the record)



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