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Mulberry posted:
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Thanks! Which mains block do you use for them? 


I use the Powerigel Plus as made by the German distributor. If you can get it in Austria nice and a good match for your Furutech socket. The Powerline fitted Netzleiste Plus is well regarded, but I haven't tried it therefore no opinion from me.

I also heard great things about the Powerigel. The Plus must be great but a litte expensive at the moment. And I prefer flexibility. 

Yesterday I got lots of stuff to play with: 

First I tried a SwissCables mains block with a SwissCables Evolution. Wow I thought, never heard such a change in my system. It was too much for my taste. 

Then I tried the Netzleiste Plus: Emotion was back again and lots of details stayed from the SwissCables.

Next the Vibex Granada. Did not want to try it because of the price and was afraid it would be the best choice. Sounded great and calm but something I can't describe stood between the music and me. 

The Vibex 7R I wanted to try. Once with Vibex cable, once with PL. Not bat, but more "harsh" and much of the bass was gone. 

I think there's a reason to match naim boxes with their accessories. ;-)

Love the Netzleiste Plus.