Using Asset UPnP

I'm a newbie - just taken delivery of my Atom.  The unit sits on top of a cupboard which has a PC in it.  I'd like to use this PC as my main server for the house and the ATOM.  Historically I have used iTunes, so all the music is stored in that file format (sadly in Apple Lossless rather than FLAC, but I'll sort that out later).

Next to the Atom is a Panasonic Smart TV which I'd also like to stream through the Atom.

Question 1.

Following advice from my dealer, I've installed Asset UPnP on both the PC and my MacBook. 

The Naim App recognises the Asset UPnP for the Macbook, and it also recognises the PC.  I can stream from both, but as the Atom is not getting the music files from the PC using Asset UPnP, there's no album artwork.

How do I get the Asset UPnP recognised as the access point for the PC?

(NB Asset UPnP works on the Naim app for the Macbook, just not for the PC).

Question 2.

It's a Smart TV, but not that Smart.  I have the HDMI ARC Atom (something in my head suggested it might be more future-proof.  Might however not be money well spent - only time will tell). 

I'm guessing that HDMI is the best way to use the Atom for sound from the PC (YouTube, as an example)?  Would I be correct in saying I can't stream wirelessly from the TV?

Thanks for any help you can give.



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